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Home Drug Test Kits: Talk the Talk

How do you prevent a child from becoming a drug addict and ruining his or her life as well as those of the family?  Is the answer a home drug test?  No.  The answer is open, honest and intelligent communication. In  other words, parents need to communicate with their children about drugs.

Experts advise an open and ongoing dialog consisting of multiple discussions about drug abuse and its harmful effects on your children. Note that dialog refers to input and feedback from both parents and children.  Which means parents need to “bone up” on drug information.  Particularly facts regarding how drugs can interfere with a child’s school work, health and sports and how getting into legal trouble with drugs can effect their future. Note that communication needs to start at an early age and more and more information needs to be discussed as child gets older.  Also remember that you need to confront with facts, not judgments.  Healthy communication referring to dialog between children and parents has been proven to be a deterrent to drug abuse.

Communication is vital because adolescents are vulnerable to drug addiction for many reasons.  Scientists believe that because impulse control is not mature, children will take a drug if offered t them.  They are willing to try any “high” available and believe there will be no consequences. Often a teen has an attitude of “it wont’ happen to me”.  Talk to your teen about the consequences of using drugs.  Cite real world examples of  people in the neighborhood, school or community.  Set clear rules, consequences and expectations with your child.  Don’t be afraid to consider a home drug test program implementation if you feel it’s necessary.

It is very likely that your children will be pressured by friends and or acquaintances to try drugs or alcohol.  Teens who feel pressured into using drugs have an legitimate “out” if parents randomly home drug test.   This  can make it much easier for your child to reject drug offerings from friends and peers.

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