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Home Drug Test Kits: Are Home Drug Test Kits Accurate?

by Dr. Deb Carlin

If you’re not trained to recognize the signs of drug use or symptoms of drug use in your teen and are considering the idea of using home drug test kits to keep bad things from happening to them, then you wouldn’t be the first parent to question the accuracy of home drug tests. Accuracy is critical and questioning it is a responsible thing to do.

Some home drug test kits are more accurate than others, and there are certainly some variables associated with different collection methods such as urine, saliva and hair. However, the short answer is that the accuracy of these tests are comparable to lab results. If it wasn’t, then we wouldn’t be seeing doctors, hospitals and medical clinics all across the country using the exact same testing kits with their patients.

Additionally, you always have the option and are encouraged to verify any disputed results using a GCMS confirmation test from an accredited lab. Most of the time, if your teen has been using illegal drugs and the home drug test kit shows it, they will admit it. If not, confirmation testing is always an option.

If you want to know more about using home drug tests or picking out the best home drug test kit for your teen, or the steps to starting a home drug testing program, then there are plenty of helpful resources on the Internet. Program checklists, counselor approved strategies and video tutorials are must-see resources that are available to help you.

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Dr. Deb Carlin is a psychologist who works closely with the initiative. Her work provides home drug test kits and home drug testing strategies to prevent signs of drug use and symptoms of drug use in teens.

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